Company History

When a fire destroyed one of Pine Creek Farms’ primary production facilities in 1989, third-generation egg farmer Doug Gritter took his passion for woodworking and ran with it. “I looked at the fire as God’s sign to retire from the egg business,” Doug said. “So I liquidated the agricultural part of my business and decided to give Pine Creek Construction a go as a full-time operation. Since the mid-1970s, I had been purchasing, updating, remodeling, and running several rental units and apartments.”

The new business continued to grow and develop, and in 1992, Pine Creek Construction hired its first employee and expanded to include new home construction. “Many builders leave their remodeling work behind to concentrate on new home construction, but I think it is a good business decision to maintain a diversity,” said Doug. Over the years, Pine Creek has maintained that diversity, adding roofing, siding, and windows to its repertoire and hiring on even more skilled employees.

“Making things happen and turning dreams into reality gives our crew a great deal of personal satisfaction,” said Doug. “We all enjoy seeing people who are thrilled with the work we do for them. It is especially gratifying when people who brought us their remodeling project or ‘dream home’ sketched on a napkin can walk through that dream home which we turned into a reality.”

Pine Creek also strives to help the West Michigan community by participating with Habitat for Humanity, Holland City and Ottawa County Home Rehabilitation, Community Action House, and Church outreach projects. “We strongly believe in giving back to our community and being a part of God’s work in this world by helping those in need,” said Doug.